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July 29, 2016
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Warehouse Battle, Who Has the Better Half?

Meet Anna Carlson (pictured first from the left), the Warehouse Manager at TTR Substations, a woman who could easily have passed military officer training and lead troops into battle.

A strong handshake and full of confidence, Anna however, came to TTR Substations after achieving heavy equipment operator certifications and working in the electric substation construction field for over 10 years.

No stranger to working with men all day, transitioning into the warehouse was a natural move for her.

“I wish pictures were taken of the warehouse the day I arrived, a missed opportunity to demonstrate what a well organized and managed warehouse should look like.”

A quick glance around and one immediately notices that the floors are immaculate, every bin is clearly labeled, peg boards line the walls and the bins are well stocked.

Anna directs her team to stock shelves, maintain accurate inventory levels and process civil and electrical division field equipment requests.

It’s a big job with so many crews in the field requiring her team’s support.

Anna’s warehouse team was very surprised when she added the latest member, a retired Navy mid-shipman (woman) who is well trained in keeping everything in “ship shape order”.

Pegboards line the warehouse walls, every piece of substation maintenance and construction equipment and tools are inventoried

Specialty fittings are frequently required, Anna’s warehouse team is filling field requests

Not to be outdone, the other side of the warehouse is dedicated to vehicle maintenance and civil form construction. Rickie Lopaz oversees TTR’s heavy equipment and fleet of service trucks. He is responsible for equipment maintenance, managing the incoming and outgoing of heavy construction equipment coordinating with the project managers and field crews.

Rickie works closely with the Department of Transportation following the federal regulations on vehicle maintenance and driver safety training.

Rickie is a tremendous asset for TTR Substations, he is bi-lingual, has a great sense of humor and can fix just about any piece of equipment.

Eyeing each other from opposite sides of the warehouse, Anna and Rickie kid each other, who has the better looking half of the warehouse?

Adrian Lopez, William Barajas, and Shop Superintendent Rick Lopez proudly represent TTR Substations’ heavy construction equipment and vehicle maintenance team.