Supplier Diversity

For over 13 years TTR Substations has been proactive in sourcing products and services from a diverse group of individuals and businesses, making our Supplier Diversity Program one we can be proud of. By developing strategic partnerships with small businesses, minorities, women, and service-disabled veterans, we have not only strengthened our company, but have helped foster economic growth in the community.

One of TTR’s core values is our commitment to social responsibility. We believe that by encouraging businesses and individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in our projects, this leads to success for all.

Going forward, TTR is committed to strengthening our Supply Diversity Program by expanding and improving our vendor base, so that not only our company, but our customers and the greater community can benefit.

Fidelis Green, Inc. – Diversity Supplier for TTR Substations

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The California Public Utilities Commission oversees the Supplier Clearinghouse of verified minority firms that qualify under the Supplier Diversity program. The clearing house publishes a directory of women, minority, disabled veterans and LGBT owned companies that are qualified to participate in utility construction projects.

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