Project List

Civil & Electrical Substation Upgrade

CustomerProject NameDescriptionMan Hours
pge-logoVaca-Dixon SubstationInstall 32 pull boxes and 96,000 feet of 3” pvc duct bank, misc grounding. 6,800 man hours

Electrical Substation Upgrade

CustomerProject NameDescriptionMan Hours
pge-logoMidway Substation500KV breaker change out. Remove existing oil HVCB, conduit, grounds and rigid bus. Install SF6 HVCB conduit, grounds, wiring and aluminum buswork. 6,800 man hours
pge-logoHardwick SubstationReplace 115kv Transformers. Remove transformers, structural steel, strain bus, hard bus etc. Install new transformer, structural steel, strain bus switches, conduit, grounding and control wire. 1,100 man hours
pge-logoCottonwood SubstationAdd 12,000 feet of station ground grid. 500 MCM CU, 276 ground rods and 250 MCM CU tails to the existing grid. 1,400 man hours
pge-logoLockeford SubstationReconfigure the 230kV to a ring bus, install Transformer Bank 2, re-conductor the 60kV bus with Breaker and PT replacements and install new control room switchboard panels. 4,700 man hours
pge-logoTaft SubstationInstall 115 KV ring bus inside existing 115 KV substation. Remove steel, breakers, conduits and strain bus. Install 6 HVCB, 18 115 KV switches, dead-end towers, switch structures, strain bus, rigid bus, conduit, and station grounds. Pull and terminate control wiring. 6,500 man hours
pge-logoMetcalf – Moss Landing Substations230kV Breaker, structure, and switch replacement with strain bus.6,450 man hours
geLos Banos SubstationReplace 500kV Transformer Bank 1 and 13.8 Tertiary with 230kV switch replacement. 10,500 man hours
geSalinas Substation115kV and 60kV Bus, Transformer, Switch, and Breaker Replacement. 47,000 man hours
pge-logoEight Mile SubstationInstall Transformer Bank 2 230kV / 21kV with 4 new 21kV breakers, 230kV Circuit Switcher and Breaker. 4,100 man hours
pge-logoGates SubstationReplace 500kV Circuit Switcher with a SF6 Breaker and disconnect switches with new below grade conduit duct bank and control circuits. 4,250 man hours
pge-logoBellota SubstationReplace 115kV Bus 1 and Bus 2. 7,500 man hours
sceRector SubstationReplace 220kV Bus #2 5,700 man hours
pge-abbMesa SubstationInstall 2 – 115kV Shunt Capacitor Banks, Breakers, Bus and Structures.6,700 man hours
pge-logoMidway SubstationReplace 3 – 500kV Circuit Breakers, Switches, and Bus. 3,250 man hours
sceVilla Park SubstationReplace 14 – 66kV Circuit Breakers 2,150 man hours
sceBassett SubstationReplace 18 – 22kV Circuit Breakers.3,305 man-hours
pge-logoMidway SubstationRemove 500kV Circuit Switcher and install CB 5212. 4,370 man hours
pge-logoMidway SubstationTransformer Bank 1 230/115kV Switch Upgrade. 2,750 man hours
pge-logoMidway SubstationReplace Transformer Bank 2 and re-conductor 115kV Bus Section “D” 6,770 man hours
pge-logoStroud SubstationReplace 70kV switchyard and control room. 4,150 man hours
pge-logoHenrietta Substation70kV Breaker(s) install 70/21kV Transformer Bank 2 8,125 man hours
pge-logoMidway SubstationReplace 6 sets of 500kV Air Switches
geSneath Substation70kV Ring Bus and MPAC / Battery Building11,700 man hours

EPC Project

CustomerProject NameDescriptionMan Hours
pge-abbMonta Vista Substation EPC project involving a 115kV 5 Bay BAAH with MPAC building and 60kV 4 line switchyard and control room with extensive 230kV control scheme modifications. 55,000 man hours
pge-abbHenrietta SubstationReplace 230kV / 115kV Transformer Bank 3 – 4 single phase units with Regulator and new control / relay panels and annunciator. 6,700 man hours
pge-ge2Gates SubstationGE EPC project involving the replacement of Transformer Bank 3 230kV / 12kV and control room panel installation and retrofit modifications 10,300 man hours
geGates Substation EPC project involving the installation of Transformer Bank 5 230kV / 70kV / removal of Transformer Bank 2 and control room panel installation and retrofit modifications. 8,350 man hours
geMendota SubstationEPC project involving the installation of Transformer Bank 3 230kV / 70kV / removal of Transformer Bank 1 and control room panel installation and retrofit modifications. 9,280 man hours
pge-ge2Madera SubstationEPC project involving the installation of Transformer Bank 3 70kV / 12kV / and 70kV Ring Bus with Battery building and MPAC. 7,650 man hours
pge-ge2Panoche SubstationEPC Project involving 7 projects: Replace Transformer Bank 1, Re-conductor and Ohio Brass replacement for 115kv Bus, Install Bus Sectionalizing Breakers, Install Circuit Breakers 272 and 282, 230kV MPAC and Battery building, Panoche-Helm Re-conductor, Panoche – McMullin Re-conductor. 33,775 man hours
geFort Ord SubstationEPC project involving demo and installation of 70kV Ring Bus and MPAC / Battery Building. 9,750 man hours
abbCottle SubstationEPC project involving the demo and installation of 70kV BAAH and MPAC

MSA Contract

CustomerProject NameDescriptionMan Hours
pge-logoEl Meter InstallationTwo years in duration affecting 192 substations. Estimated at completion to be $2M.

New Substation Construction

CustomerProject NameDescriptionMan Hours
pge-logoPotrero StationInvolved turnkey construction of 115kV Static Var Compensator including control building, control wiring and terminations, stations lighting, conduit, steel, insulators, 8” and 10” rigid aluminum bus. Capacitor banks and 9 air core reactors. 7,000 man hours

Electrical Substation Services