Foundation Drilling

TTR Substations’ state-of-the-art drilling and boring equipment is rated at the highest environmental tier to best serve our clients. To address the varying soil and rock types in California we offer both rock drilling and slurry drilling.

Slurry Drilling

To meet the growing need for slurry drilling in unstable soil conditions, we employ experienced, certified slurry drilling technicians. We have successfully performed slurry drilling projects for PG&E at Alpaugh, Leprino, and Tesla substations in California.

Rock Drilling

Both slurry drilling and rock drilling are used to install TSP transmission poles, however rock drilling procedures are more often found in hilly and rocky areas. This technique is different than the slurry procedures which require the use of slurry to hold the integrity of the hole while during the drilling process.

Foundation Drilling Capabilities

  • State of the art drilling equipment
  • Certified personnel
  • Experienced polymer and bentonite slurry drilling

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