Safety Excellence Program

SAFETY — our own and that of our coworkers, clients, fellow contractors and the public at large — is foremost in our minds as we go about our daily work. Because we work in the construction field and around construction equipment, following proper safety procedures and using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical requirement.

We know, though, that a safety-first mindset extends beyond the standard job safety requirements. In order to recognize and reward safe behavior that goes above and beyond, TTR Substations has implemented the Random Acts of Safety and Good Catch Programs.

Random Acts of Safety Program

TTR crew members are encouraged to nominate coworkers for examples of safety-conscious behavior.

Nominations are evaluated and approved by the TTR Director of Safety and recognized with a Safety Excellence sticker for the nominee’s hard hat, an email about their act of safety to all TTR employees and a tangible reward such as a Visa® gift card or a TTR-branded flame-resistant (FR) sweatshirt for those whose work requires FR apparel.

Random Acts of Safety Award Winner Nominations

I would like to nominate the crew that worked at Middle Fork Gold Hills [in the Tahoe National Forest] for a random act of safety award for doing such a great safe job on such a dangerous job site. This crew had to work on several different pole locations throughout the mountains, drilling holes for new poles and pouring concrete on steep hill sides in remote areas. They put in over 1500 man hours without a single injury, not even a small cut. These areas were hard to access by vehicle and most of the time we had no phone reception.

I wanted to nominate Johnathon from the shop for a random acts of safety award. He came to my job at Tranquility to pick up material and saw that we didn’t have ice in our ice chest. It was a safety concern due to the hot temperature outside which was above 100°. He made sure before he returned to the shop that he got a bag of ice for our ice chest, which is not at all a job he is required to do for us. It wasn’t as easy as just stopping at the first store because several stores in the area had their credit systems down.

I nominate Greg Maggini for the exceptional effort to plan, prepare for and safely execute the TTR atypical live line rubber glove work at Mabury Substation. His carefully drafted work procedure outlining the step hazards associated with the task, as well as safe work practices employed during the work, assured a safe, successful outcome.

Not only do we all see the benefits of Anna Carlson’s work in the shop, but she has shown true compassion and concern for those with whom she works and those that are total strangers to her. In casual conversation today, she mentioned that yesterday she assisted a motorist who was involved in a serious car accident, found unconscious with the car in gear and the motor running. She called 911, shut the motor off, took the woman to a safe location and assessed her level of consciousness. She was prepared to start CPR if necessary, and stayed with her until medics arrived. She very well may have averted a far more serious tragedy.

Good Catch Program

TTR Substations implemented a “Good Catch” program as part of the company’s comprehensive system of reporting, analyzing and managing incidents or adverse events. Employees are encouraged to report any “Good Catch” to their direct supervisor or other TTR management personnel.

The supervisor ensures the hazardous situation is corrected to prevent any further incident. To be recognized a completed “Good Catch” Card is submitted to the Director of Safety.

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