We Specialize in Electrical and Civil Substation Construction

Engineer/Procure/Construct EPC

Looking to partner with an approved PG&E or SCE Contractor? Look no further than TTR Substations.

Foundation Drilling

Our state-of-the-art slurry and rock drilling equipment addresses sandy to rocky conditions.

Electrical Substation Construction

We have extensive experience in indoor, outdoor and underground GIS substation construction and maintenance.

Civil Services

We offer solutions from Greenfield to Substation completion in all conditions, implementing solutions which best meets the customer’s needs.

Emergency Services

When disaster strikes, we provide services and substation replacement inventory to restore power as quickly as possible.

Specialty Services

Steep grade expertise, non-conductive railing installation, road crossings, bus welding and when required civil and electrical demolition.

Our Clients

Experts in Electrical and
Civil Substation Construction