Need an EPC Contractor?

Need a substation construction company for your EPC contract? Looking to partner with an approved Gold Shovel Certified Contractor?

Look no further, TTR Substations knows this market better than most. We specialize in every aspect of civil and electrical substation construction. Any size from 4kV to 500kV, all types from GIS to HVDC and SVDC facilities and add to the list static VAR compensator systems (SVC). Our project managers coordinate all of the various substation construction crafts to see your project to completion safely, on time and within budget. Our civil substation construction offers the EPC contractor one partner for substation expansion, reconstruction or a greenfield build. As your contractor, we assure your project will be successful.

TTR Substation is Gold Shovel Certified, a member of the OSHA Electrical Transmission and Distribution Strategic Partnership, IBEW – NECA and safety qualified through internal (PREVENT) and external programs IsnetWorld. TTR is qualified to provide true EPC service for your project from pre-construction planning to completed projects, TTR has the experience and substation expertise to be your EPC contractor.

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