TTR Substations was established in 2003 with a primary focus on new construction of electrical substations, as well as upgrading existing substation facilities. Since that time, the company has earned and solidified a reputation among its clients as the contractor that will successfully complete any project with safety, quality, flexibility and dependability.


TTR’s initial market focus was within the PG&E system. In 2004 the company completed 17 projects safely, on time and under budget.


In 2005 TTR’s business nearly doubled with projects ranging from simple 70kv breaker replacements to the 55,000-man-hour Monte Vista Substation. The Monte Vista project involved a 115kV breaker-and-a-half (BAAH) conversion with a modular protection automation control (MPAC) building and new battery system. Bay 1 of the BAAH feeds a 115kV transmission line to the 115kV / 60kV Transformer Bank 6 and a new 60kV double-bus four-line switchyard.


TTR Substations was acquired in 2013 by PLH Group. The TTR acquisition strengthened PLH Group’s existing capabilities to deliver premium, safety focused power line construction services to the electric transmission industry.


Complete customer satisfaction and safety are at the forefront of TTR’s mission statement. These goals are accomplished through teamwork and communication. Employee training is a constant part of TTR’s operation and includes both practical and efficient construction methods, as well as the safety training essential to ensure an injury-free work environment.

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