TTR Substations Recognized for Safe Work Environment
July 3, 2016
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June 9, 2017

Gold Shovel Certified, What Does this Mean for TTR Substations?

golden-shovelTTR Substations has always operated under the philosophy, “if the work cannot be completed safely, it will not be done.” Holding true to their word, TTR has consistently maintained an impeccable safety record through an aggressive, proactive training program – and has always done due diligence before digging — consequently saving valuable underground assets.

But did you know – every 6 minutes an underground utility is damaged in the US due to excavation work? The Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) program – which by the way, is the “Gold Standard” in the excavation industry, aims to raise the safety bar in the professional excavation community to make assets and communities safer. The long-term goal for this program is not only to reduce dig-ins that cause injuries, property damage and expensive delays, but to specifically cut incidences by 50% in 3 years.

To enroll in the GSS program, a company must submit a “Dig-In Prevention Plan” implementing policies and safety procedures to prevent damages. Getting GSS certified is similar to the ISO certification process, as the GSS review committee will audit a company’s safety plan on an annual basis.

Why is the GSS certification important to TTR since they are already safety conscious? First, it provides an industry wide seal of approval and second, it provides specific training to TTR employees adding to their knowledge base.

And GSS clearly works…in just one year, from August 2013 to August 2014, PG&E reduced their dig-in incidence rate by 37%.

Cathy Orth, TTR Director of Safety said, “We are proud of our “active” status for the Gold Shovel Standard and look forward to many more high quality civil and electrical substation projects that require safe excavation.”