PLH Group Acquires TTR Substations
September 15, 2013
How to Harden Substations: TTR is Part of the Team
July 3, 2016

TTR Substations Captures “Safety Company of the Year Award”

Every year the PLH Group Safety, Health and Environmental Department awards one company among 15 business units to be awarded the Safety Company of the Year Award. This means TTR Substations reigned supreme in the TRIR safety numbers compared to the other entities.

“I knew we were in the running, we had a spectacular year with near zero incidents,” said Cathy Orth Safety Director for TTR Substations. “With strong support from Matt Compher, PLH Group Senior Vice President Safety, Health and Environmental, we implemented the PREVENT system, upgraded all our training resources and greatly increased communications with the crew leaders and Foremen. The results were outstanding.”

Safety is fundamental to the way we work and live, these words are at the forefront of our safe work practices that are integrated into every step of any given task – anywhere, anytime. Safety is part of the company’s culture, and it’s engrained in all employees, even outside of work.

Congratulations to TTR Substations, the crews, leaders and company management.