TTR Substations Handrail Installation Project Improves Worker Safety
February 20, 2017

Rock Creek Powerhouse Substation Upgrade

Excellent example of a steep embankment substation construction project.

In 2010 PG&E proposed to improve the Rock Creek Powerhouse Substation service through the construction of a new and improved electrical substation. The area required upgraded transmission lines to 230-kV to improve the transmission network serving the hydroelectric station for the local communities.

The unique and challenging project took place on the side of a steep embankment along a creek bed, highway and railroad line. The work involved electrical as well as civil work trenching, cable installation and site restoration on federal and state property.

“The project provided a much-needed 230 kV network and improved electric service reliability for the region,” according to Joe Orth, Vice President of Construction Services for TTR Substations. “It also provided for future growth in the county.”

A Team Effort

The planning process for the new substation included numerous meetings and extensive coordination for permitting with a host of agencies. Beginning in late 2008, PG&E staff and a consulting engineering team from Burns & McDonnell began meeting with representatives from regional, state and federal agencies.

Meeting Challenges

The site for the substation was in a small “bowl” landform with a steep incline. Completed in 2014, the Rock Creek Powerhouse Substation and transmission lines project is providing more reliable, uninterrupted service to the surrounding counties. Through concise planning and communications, TTR Substations was able to successfully complete the substation upgrade on time and within budget.

How does TTR Substations build a substation on a steep slope? Watch here: