TTR Captures “Safety Company of the Year Award”
January 10, 2016
TTR Substations Safety Core Values on Display
July 3, 2016

Installing structures for surveillance cameras

How to Harden Substations: TTR is Part of the Team

Tesla Substation, located in Tracy, is one of the three largest 500kV substations in California, and TTR Substations is currently working for PG&E to harden the substation against “intentional damage from malicious acts.”

Prompted by a 2013 physical attack on transformers in Metcalf, California, many utilities have hired companies like TTR to improve their security.

TTR’s mission is to erect the lattice structures along the perimeter of Tesla Substation. Once this has been completed, a security system manufacturer, G4S, will install cameras and additional surveillance gear on the structures.

The TTR team consists of a foreman, two spotters and two ground crews. Check out the pictures of a professional, well trained and safe crew on a beautiful California day..

Early morning safety briefing with G4S contractors
Installing structures for surveillance cameras